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a fast-growing food and beverage company with the ambition of promoting a fulfilling lifestyle around the globe. With big future plans ahead, we’re looking for new talented people to join our team.

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    Launched in 2014 by our big boss Sulev Nõmmann as a cider mill under the brand Siidrikoda, we’ve grown ever since and so have our ambitions.

    After rebranding to Kodas, we are now focused on sustainably producing healthy foods that help you stay productive and drinks to enjoy on your time off.

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Are you looking for a chance to have real influence with your work? While having a group of hard-working, passionate, quirky and fun people around? If you feel like you want to be a part of this crazy journey, this is your chance!


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At KODAS you'll be able to put your creativity to work. Together we will create some truly unique experiences for both our customer and ourselves. This can be the beginning of a wild journey for you.


    We’re a tight-knit bunch of youthful, passionate and ambitious people. We’re joined with the mission of creating and serving a worldwide community of like-minded people with meaningful experiences and a fulfilling lifestyle.


    Joining our journey at this early stage will give you the opportunity to become a shareholder and have a major impact on the future of Kodas. To constantly see the fruits of your labor.


    We value our talent and we invest heavily into the development of every one in our team. This means that you’ll be able to get support for joining training programs in order to develop your knowledge and skills.


    While we are situated in the picturesque hills of Southern Estonia between lush forests and farmland, we understand that not everyone will be able to enjoy this beautiful nature daily. Therefore we are open to remote work.


    In addition to everything, as a team member, you’ll get to enjoy team discounts, product tastings, all kinds of cool events and much more.

If you’re looking for a chance to have real influence with your work. To have a group of hard-working, passionate, quirky and fun people around. And you feel like you want to be a part of this crazy journey:


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    Get to know the people you'll be working with.

  • Sulev Nõmmann

    Founder & CEO

    While most people just talk about their ideas, Sulev is the rare kind of person who actually brings his ideas to life. After experiencing more than others would in two lifetimes, he had the crazy idea to start a cider business in Southern Estonia. And you know what? Here we are now.

  • Tea Nõmmann

    Senior Manager

    If Batman has Robin, Sulev has Tea. There couldn’t be one without the other. She’s the one who takes Sulev’s crazy ideas, puts them on an excel spreadsheet and makes them possible. Besides keeping Sulev’s high-flying ideas under control, she’s also responsible for quality management (ISO 9001:2015), bureaucracy and is the official Queen of Microsoft Excel.

  • Ingmar Nõmmann

    Marketing and Sales

    Growing up with the company has taught Ingmar the ins and outs of the whole business and the story behind it. The great ambition now is to take what his parents have built, developing the vision for the future and bringing it all to life.

  • Kaidi Rebane

    Marketing and communication

    Kaidi is the kind of person you can always count on. Everything she does, is done well and on time.

  • Kaidi Veske

    Production Manager

    Kaidi will take on anything no matter how difficult or unfamiliar. Her positivity and hands-on attitude make her a fast learner and pleasure to work with. Besides having a degree in chemistry and a palate for craft beverages, she’s also a master at Ultimate Frisbee in her spare time.

  • Rain Kuldjärv

    Head of R&D

    While most of his time is spent in a lab developing all kinds of delicious high-tech food and beverage products, he’s definitely not your typical lab guy to say the least. Whenever he’s not in the lab, he’s either on TV talking about food science, doing sports or brewing beer or cider at home.

  • Iris Nõmmann

    Restaurant Events and Communication

    It never gets boring with Iris. Her lively and charismatic personality combined with her experience in both the music and restaurant industry leads to the coolest of parties. Iris is the kind of person who makes sure that in addition to guests having the time of their lives, the staff are taken care of as well. / that everyone is having the time of their lives.

  • Maribel Villakov

    Restaurant Manager

    If she was a captain, you’d definitely want to be on her boat. She always gives 110% and will go further than most to make sure everything runs smoothly. This means even becoming a chef when needed. Her quirky personality and strong work ethic are something to be admired.

  • Hanna Orumaa

    Bar Manager

    The sun definitely shines day and night with Hanna. If her lively and positive personality doesn’t lift your mood, then one of her delicious cocktails certainly will. There are no bad days when you have her around.

  • Kaisa Lena Jurs

    Restaurant Marketing Manager

    Kaisa is the kind of person who’ll say “Let’s do it!” to even the craziest of ideas. With an eye for photography and design, she’ll make sure you look good both offline and online.

  • Tormi Saarniit

    Head Chef of KODAS Restaurant

    Nobody knows how, but everything he touches turns into gold. Our own Michelin-Star Chef in the making. He’s definitely the chillest chef you’ll meet as well - I bet not even Gordon Ramsay could crack him.

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