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Image of Valgjärve, Southern Estonia.

The Origin

Valgjärve, Southern Estonia. A landscape sculpted by continental ice over 9000 years ago. A place where small hills covered with a mosaic blanket of forests and pastures dominate the land. And the perfect place for people to live alongside the flourishing nature. This is the place where lies our heart.

We have always believed that us humans should live with nature, not above it. This does not mean going back to the stone age however. We believe that with science and the knowledge of the natural world, we can find a balance. A synergy. A symbiosis of giving and receiving.

Kodas orchard with over 9000 apple trees

Our orchard of over 9000 apple trees contains over 30 different varieties. These cultivars were selected carefully for their flavor characteristics but also their ability to withstand the harsh nordic climate. No monocultures. The apples are grown organically to maintain their true-to-nature flavors. The absence of pesticides and artificial fertilizers keeps the bees happy and the groundwater clean.
When ripe, our apples are turned into tasty ciders, sparkling juice and other inventive products. Other raw ingredients such as rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries, which we use in our products, come from surrounding farmers. They are carefully selected regarding our highest quality standards.

Science of ciders

Science behind our ciders

Our goal with cider has always been to embrace the true nature of the apples we grow. We believe that simplicity creates complexity. Therefore we use only the best of apple varieties for cider production. Unlike the industry standard, we do not dilute our apple juice at any point in the production process.

Science runs deep in our veins. Sulev Nõmmann, CEO obtained his PhD in marine biology in his early 30’s and spent many years sailing the oceans. His knowledge in biology can be felt in every product we make. We have a long partnership with the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK) lasting over a decade. This has led to our extensive knowledge of apple varieties, yeasts and production methods with which we’ve created some truly unique products.

It has also enabled us to develop a 0% waste production cycle. As we strive to live with nature, not above it, a big aim for us is to reduce wastefulness. Our methods have enabled us to use up our raw ingredients until not even the stem is left. The juice is turned into drinks. The pulp into purees. And the stems, seeds and other tougher parts are processed for their high dietary fiber content.
In addition to the constant development of our products and production methods, we are committed to continuously improving our management system. Therefore, we have acquired the ISO 9001 certificate.

Siidrikoda Ltd is committed to adding value to Estonian agricultural products by developing them into new food and beverage products. We are committed to meeting all regulations and continuously improving our management.

Kodas factory


The place where the magic happens. Designed to complement the picturesque surroundings, our high tech production facility is the birthplace of our innovative ideas and products. Finished in 2019, the factory was built ground up not only to meet the rising demand but to open our doors to the whole world.

To show adventurous people like you how our delicious products are made. Our Factory houses 1500m² of production, a restaurant, conference room, brandy cellar and a distillery.

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